Bits of lace

Bobbin lace making patterns for jewelry, insertions, motifs, lace for rings and bookmarks; there are Christmas and Easter motifs, initials and numbers. Fine lace motifs for greeting cards and other holiday decorations.


  • Jewellery
    Patterns for jewelry, made of bobbin lace, such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings and ankle bracelets. Cotton or metallized thread can be used and beads can be added.
  • Bookmarks
    Patterns for bookmarks that are beautiful and practical gift. Some designs are also suitable as bracelets.
  • Lace in rings
    Bobbin patterns for lace in rings; unique festive decoration for your home or original gift. There are Christmas and Easter motifs.
  • Christmas motifs
    Patterns for small lace used in Christmas greeting cards: stars, spruces, snowflakes, bells, candles, crib ...
  • Easter motifs
    Patterns with tiny Easter motifs: eggs, chickens, rabbits, bells ... Useful for Easter greeting cards or as decoration on Easter tablecloths.
  • Others
    Patterns with smaller floral and animal motifs, beginner patterns, patterns for Christmas and Easter greeting cards, smaller religious motifs.
  • Letters
    Patterns of the entire alphabet letters in two sizes. They may be combined with some other patterns for lace.
  • Numbers
    Patterns for numbers, made of lace in two sizes, suitable for birthday gifts. They can also be combined with other patterns.

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