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    Patterns for bobbin lace from simple to advanced techniques of lacemaking. You can choose jewelry, mats, motifs, insertions, small patterns ...

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    Lace patterns that were recently added to our online store. The latest in our offer.
  • Patterns with lace photo

    Bobbin lace patterns in this category are also equipped with a photo of lace.

  • Bits of lace
    Bobbin lace making patterns for jewelry, insertions, motifs, lace for rings and bookmarks; there are Christmas and Easter motifs, initials and numbers. Fine lace motifs for greeting cards and other holiday decorations.
  • Insertions, applications

    Bobbin lace making patterns for insertions that can be used in curtains, tablecloths, runners, or as an application in clothing. Simple and advanced bobbin lace making techniques are available.

  • Mats
    Patterns for mats, made of bobbin lace in different shapes and sizes. All-lace variants and those with textile inserts are available.
  • Sets
    Bobbin patterns for lace curtains, tablecloths, runners, bed linen ... Larger insertions, allowing various combinations.
  • Band lace

    Patterns for long lace (band lace) with the corresponding corners. Bobbin patterns for borders made of lace, curtains, tablecloths and other completed forms.

  • Collars, fans...

    Bobbin patterns, which are used for lace in clothing: collars, cuffs, gloves, bibs and children's hats, fans ...

  • Motifs
    Patterns for lace with floral and animal motifs, for children and beginners, religious motives ... Patterns for lace in frame, special occasions and gifts.
  • Literature

    Idrija bobbin lace making literature.

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    Labels to pay for commercial use of the patterns

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