Our patterns are usually prepared on Sundays. We send them by post in a plain envelope, in a cardboard envelope or in a cardboard tube as shown in the picture below. Smaller orders can be sent as a regular or registered letter, and larger ones only by registered mail. When sending by registered mail, you will also receive a tracking number, through which you can monitor location and status of the shipment.

Shipping price depends on the shipping method, packaging and weight of the shipment, starting at € 2.5 (USD 2.8, GPB 2.2).

You choose the shipping method and packaging before completing the order, when the price of each option is also visible.

In the EU, delivery in 3 to 5 days may be expected, 97 % of shipments is delivered in that time window. Delivery in countries outside EU may take longer, typically 7 to 20 days.

If the shipment is not delivered in 40 working days, it is considered lost and we'll send it again or refund you full payment.